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Republican Convention, 1956/08/20

Published 1956

(1) Republican national Convention in Cow Palace in San Francisco, chaired by Joe Martin, California Senators Nixon and Knowland and ? - keynote address (2) "Suez Impasse. East and West Split on Seizure" - crowd cheers Nasser arriving on train in Cairo, his prestige has risen, streets deserted when Nasser called for strike to protest western foreign ministers meeting in London, boy hosted, London conference with Dulles offering plan on Mideast, but opposed by Russia (3) Nehru speaks on 9th anniversary of India independence (4) carrier USS Lexington in Japan is given a Japanese tea ritual (partial newsreel).

Production Company Universal Studios
Audio/Visual sound, b&w


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Republican convention

All roads lead to San Francisco as the Republican national convention opens with Chairman Joe Martin very much in evidence as he greets early arrivals. There is a fastened atmosphere as the faithful gather under the banner of their leader. The fair sex loses no time in expressing its preference by setting a new style note. From all parts of the country, they climb on the Ike bandwagon, particularly California, the host state. Vice president Nixon, governor Knight and senator Knowland, all Californians, gather for an informal chat the results of which seem to please the vice president. The convention is held at the huge Cow Palace, which is capable of seating seventeen thousand persons. It is here that Washington's governor Arthur Langlie sets the campaign tone in his key note address:
Governor Langlie: So the answer to the planted question that covered over the Chicago arena along with the ghost of the past is simple: The American people will, I believe and hope, throw the republicans out of office, the day when if ever they copy the democrats and put the party first and America second.

Suez impasse
East and west split on seizure

Wild acclaim follows Egyptian president Nasser, as he makes a public appearance following his seizure of the Suez Canal, seen by the fervently nationalistic Arab world as a triumphant blow at the western powers Britain, France and the United States. The adulation of the Cairo mob is a measure of the new heights to which Nasser's prestige has risen through his cool. The roar of the throng gave way to the hush of deserted streets in response to Nasser's call for a strike, protesting the twenty-two nation foreign ministers conference in London. The Arab World came to a standstill in a gesture of solidarity. Present at the unique position at the very center of the crisis was thirteen year old Denis Prioti, of Massapequa, Long Island, who had been invited to Egypt as Nasser's personal guest before the Suez seizure and returned for a letter of good will. He was brought closer to events than any other westerner - Egypt's unusual bid for friendship at a time of defiance. The conference in London was reduced to only a prelude to negotiations through Egypt's refusal to attend. The political interest of the anti-colonial orient and the more sinister interest of the communist sphere was balanced against the vital interest of the west. Secretary Dulles' plan to recognize Egypt's sovereignty and provide for international control meant opposition from Russia and the neutralists following Nasser's lead. The Dulles plan had only majority support, when support should have been almost unanimous. The result: continued stalemate over Suez.

News in brief

Two hundred thousand Hindus gather before the fort at New Delhi to hear prime minister Nehru's address on the occasion of India's ninth anniversary of her independence. During the course of his address, the prime minister warned of a great threat to world peace posed by the Suez Canal crisis. He tells of his yearning to act as peacemaker in the dispute.


The carrier Lexington celebrates its birthday at Yokosuka harbor. A giant cake is cut by mayor Humetsu of the harbor city aided by the Lexus captain A.S. Heyward. But from there on, the party is entirely oriental. The traditional and highly ceremonious tea ritual reserved for special occasions is performed on what may be the greatest scale ever. As Yokosuka plays hosts to friends and allies at a flight tech party for the entire ship√Ęs complement of twelve hundred. The party treats are exotic and the ceremony is strange to American tastes. But the birthday sentiment is genuine even if it is expressed in green tea. Drink hearty, sailors!

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